Great Expectations

How many times have you come across an app in a press release or the vendor’s website and were promised Rainbows, Ponies and Unicorns? The website is full of testimonials from smiling users who, based on their online photo, seem to be quite happy.  Well of course! The app changed their lives. You notice that it has a handful of reviews, all five-star rated. Intrigued, you go ahead and download the App.

You are willing to willing to pay the $9.99 to put your hands on the precious thing. After all, with such a value proposition, it cannot be free… so much time and money was invested in designing and building the App, you say to yourself” “$9.99 is a bargain”. The developers deserve it and should be charging for it.

The App finished downloading. Excited, you sign up for the service only to find out, you have no idea how to use it; it’s complex….options and features that it’s hard to see the product.

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“What?!?”, You ask . “I paid $9.99 for this?? What am I missing? Who are those happy smiling people on their Website who love it so much?” After coming to terms with the $9.99 gone down the drain, you promise yourself it’s the last time you pay for an app before either testing it prior or talking to someone you know and trust who tried it out… until you fall into the same trap again.

I don’t know how to keep end users from being misled into downloading bad apps. But I can help companies avoid building bad applications to begin with.

This is the main goal of my blog: to share the experience and knowledge I gained working at WebEx, Cisco, and various other companies in order to assist you in developing applications your customers will LOVE!